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 Board of Directors
Yang Lin

YANG LIN serves as a Director in the Company. Ms. Yang earned her Bachelor Degree in General Management from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow, Russia. From January 2007 to April 2009, Ms. Yang worked as general manager in Dongguan Yangguangmei Industrial Co. Ltd., which engage in food and beverage and e-commerce industries. From April 2009 to June 2015, Ms.Yang worked as general manager in Shenzhen Yingtai Co. Ltd., which involves in guarantor business. From July 2015 to March 2019, Ms.Yang worked as general manager in Shenzhen Zhihuizhe Technology Group Co. Ltd., a household appliance company. Ms.Yang brings to the Board valuable experience from  her previous senior management roles at the relevant and other companies, which assists the Board on marketing strategy, sale planning and exploring new market opportunities.

Ms. Yang’s strong academic background and business experience as well as her qualification has led the Board of Director to reach the conclusion that she should serve as a Director of the Company.

Lai Jinpeng
Director, CEO

Mr. Lai Jinpeng received a Diploma in Internet Application from Guangzhou Industry Technical College in Guangdong Province, China.

Mr. Lai has been serving as the Company's Chief Executive Officer, President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director since July 17, 2018. Aside from setting the strategy and direction for the Company, he is also responsible for building and leading a team to execute the daily operations of the Company. Mr. Lai is also responsible for raising and allocating capital for the Company’s priorities. Prior to joining our company, from October 2006 to October 2010, Mr. Lai served as a Manager of Technology at Guangzhou Pacific Network Technology Limited, an enterprise infrastructure software products company. From November 2010 to June 2013 Mr. Lai served as President of Huizhou Xinlian Computer Technology Limited, a Chinese developer of software solutions. Subsequently, from June 2013 to July 2018, Mr. Lai served as Senior Vice President of the Sales Department at Shenzhen Zhiban Artificial Intelligent Technology Limited, a Chinese Internet media delivery software and services provider.

Mr. Lai’s experience in corporate management and business development has led the Board of directors to reach the conclusion that he should serve as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company. "

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